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If you’re located near Boston, MA you can find us in person at various farmers markets. Please follow this link for our 2023 market schedule.

Our founder, Alison Elliott, is a seasoned recipe developer. She created all of our Cashew Parm recipes. She also created multiple product recipe extensions that simply require mixing our Parm with hot water in 2 minutes or less to create creamy pasta sauces, dips, and spreads. You can find the recipes here.

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We ship Tuesday through Thursday every week. Orders placed after 4pm on Thursday will be shipped the following Tuesday.

Actual shipping time will vary by carrier and location, but most orders should arrive within 2-7 days.

As a small (but growing) company our shipping capacity is somewhat limited. At the moment, we do not ship internationally, but our goal is to bring our Cashew Parm to consumers all over the world. We’re working hard to expand our shipping options, including international shipments! Be sure to sign up for email updates to stay in the know on where we’re expanding to next.

Yes! We offer a complimentary handwritten note with each order. Please mark your order as a gift and include your message in the indicated section upon checkout. If you have any issues adding a gift note please email alison@thefarmerfoodie.com.


First, peel the label off of the bottle and throw it in the trash. 

Then, remove the lid and throw it in the trash (most lids are not recyclable and black lids are not recyclable in some states).

Finally, rinse the inside of the container and place it in your plastic recycling bin.

Sustainability is a major part of our business model and mission. We aim to launch bulk refill bags of our Cashew Parm flavors as soon as possible. We are also exploring the possibility of becoming plastic neutral. Meaning, the environmental footprint of each plastic container that you purchase will be mitigated (offset) through the clean up of the equivalent amount of plastic in high risk waste regions such as India or Indonesia. We are currently offering mixed 6 packs, which lowers the environmental and economic footprint of shipping. We are also exploring carbon neutral shipping options.

Farmer Foodie Cashew Parm is produced with an 18 month shelf life. Please refer to the “best by” date on the packaging.

No, all of our products are shelf stable, making them inherently sustainable. They can be stored at room temperature in your pantry or spice cabinet. Of course, if you want to, you can store them in your fridge as well.

Annually, the United States grocery channel emits 25% of refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbons), which can be up to 9,000 times more impactful than carbon dioxide. Our Cashew Parm products have lower environmental and economical costs since they’re dry, shelf stable, made from clean organic ingredients, and Fairtrade organic cashews that are carbon negative when harvested.  

Our products are designed to be used just like dairy-based Parmesan cheese. They can be sprinkled on all of your favorite dishes or mixed into recipes like risotto. The key difference is that all of our products are vegan and dairy free! Therefore, we decided to trademark the Cashew Parm category to spark the association with Parmesan and showcase our vegan ingredients.

We source our cashews from the second largest cashew processing facility in Benin, Africa. They have a network of 7,000 local cashew farmers and they work with them to grow, harvest, and process in country, retaining more economic value and lowering environmental costs. Our supplier has uplifted the Benin cashew farming community through supporting them in attaining their organic and Fairtrade certifications.

Each year 60% of cashews are grown in Africa and the majority are exported to India or Vietnam to be shelled. In 2010, 98% of the cashews grown in Benin, Africa were exported for processing, which increases their environmental footprint since cashews have a 5 times larger mass when they have their shell on. This practice also exports economic opportunities, lowering financial security for farmers.

Our founder, Alison Elliott, is a plant-forward recipe developer and foodie. She created all of our Cashew Parm product flavors and recipes. She is constantly innovating in the kitchen and making delicious recipe extensions. You can check out her personal food blog on climatecomfortfood.com. Please note that Everything Cheeze is now branded as Golden Chedda.


We only use Fairtrade organic cashews that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Our cashews are processed in a way that makes the texture extremely creamy. Our Cashew Parm melts in your mouth.

Cashew trees are drought tolerant, create shade coverage, and they retain carbon stock. Meaning the tree sequesters more carbon dioxide than it emits. Therefore, our cashews are carbon negative when harvested. As we grow, we plan to conduct a life cycle analysis to become carbon neutral. In an effort to reach our environmental goals we are constantly analyzing the impacts of our business operations and supply chain.

Due to the positive climate impact and creamy texture of our cashews we are not planning on expanding our Parm offerings to include a nut free version at this time. As we grow we will continue to analyze production options for a nut free Parm.

The only non organic ingredients that we use are nutritional yeast and salt.

1. We haven't been able to find a cost effective and flavor forward organic nutritional yeast but trust us when we say we have tried!

2. Salt cannot be organic. We use pink Himalayan salt as a way to offer you the healthiest products possible. We don't trust sea salt because of the massive plastic waste issue in our oceans. We do not want to produce anything that could have micro plastics because of cross contamination.


Absolutely! If you are looking to purchase our 3.20 ounce products for resale, you can find our direct link to purchase through Faire. If you are new to Faire, you can receive $100 off your first order and free shipping for a year when you use our link. You can also reach out to alison@thefarmerfoodie.com to place a direct order or with any questions!

If you are looking to purchase in 140 ounce bulk containers for foodservice please reach out to Alison directly at alison@thefarmerfoodie.com.

We are also exploring launching mini packets for meal kits and co-branded partnerships.

Farmer Foodie Golden Chedda Cashew Parm blended with boiling water into a creamy vegan Mac & Cheese Sauce (with Farmer Foodie Golden Chedda Cashew Parm feature).
Farmer Foodie Golden Chedda Cashew Parm blended with boiling water into a creamy vegan Mac & Cheese Sauce (with Farmer Foodie Golden Chedda Cashew Parm feature).