Our Story

Farmer Foodie is on a mission to bring you the most deliciously sustainable dairy and gluten free Cashew Parm products with a positive social and environmental impact.

We value the triple bottom line: people, planet, product, and put sustainability and consumer memorability at the forefront of all business decisions.

Our products are deliciously creamy and perfect for all foodies seeking convenient ways to shake up the flavor of their favorite dishes.

Incorporating our Cashew Parm into your daily diet directly impacts your health and the health of our planet through a lower climate footprint.

Farmer Foodie promotes inclusive eating. Our creamy Cashew Parm is a pantry staple that always hits the spot regardless of your dietary preferences. Let's shake things up together.

Product Description

Introducing your kitchen’s new bestie, Farmer Foodie Cashew Parm. It’s deliciously vegan and versatile! Elevate your dishes with our Golden Chedda and Italian Herb Cashew Parm flavors. Our products are crafted with the finest premium ingredients.

Our Parm is packed with flavor, stemming from creamy organic cashews, and enriched with B vitamins and essential nutrients.

Discover this perfect balance of taste and texture with hints of delicious spices and herbs. Unleash your culinary creativity with generous sprinkles of our Parm on your favorite pasta, pizza, vegetable, and even popcorn dishes. Experience this versatile delight; a world of endless culinary possibilities are at your fingertips.

We value our sustainability through sourcing ethical ingredients. Join our Foodie community made up of health and environment conscious consumers one mindful purchase at a time.

Farmer Foodie is a woman owned business, promoting inclusivity and closing the gender gap. Shake things up with us and make a deliciously positive dietary impact. Experience wholesome goodness through indulging in our clean, dairy free, and gluten free Cashew Parm products. 


Your Kitchen's New Bestie!


Your Kitchen's New Bestie!

Farmer Foodie Founder

Hi, I'm Ali, a plant-forward recipe and product developer. I founded Farmer Foodie to share my lifelong passion for recipe creation and sustainable organic food.

Consumer education around sustainable farming, eating, and living has always been a personal passion of mine and part of my professional career. I was the Education Director at McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, NY for nearly four years. While I was there I managed a 1 acre garden with an unheated hoop house that had hundreds of plants, 14 egg laying hens, and goats. I was in charge of community outreach and social media content creation, I ran a multi-month apprenticeship program and a seasonal Farm Kids program, I hosted tour groups, and I threw seasonal festivals.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years and I’ve always aspired to be a vegan but I could never give up cheese. In 2020 I was cooking all of my own meals at home and I started creating my own tasty dairy free cheese recipes. They were so satisfying that I was finally able to stick to a vegan diet without feeling deprived of cheese! I realized that I needed to share my recipes with the world so I decided to launch a line of shelf stable and sustainable Cashew Parm products that are free from dairy and gluten.

When I left McEnroe Organic Farm in 2020 I went on to earn my MBA in Social Impact and MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University. I launched my first Cashew Parm product under my established Farmer Foodie brand a mere five days before my graduation in May 2022.

In June 2023, I launched a rebranded and expanded Cashew Parm product line with recipes that I created. Our rebrand includes this artistically rebranded e-commerce site, our new brand logo, brand voice, and packaging design that allows shelf stable Cashew Parm products to join any pantry in easy-to-use PET plastic recyclable shaker bottles with a dual flap lid.

Farmer Foodie’s new look includes a redesign of my original hero flavor, Everything Cheeze, as Golden Chedda, which is described as having a flavor that resembles cheddar cheese with a peppery umami punch. Alongside the rebrand, I proudly announced a second flavor, Italian Herb, which delivers a zesty, garlicky kick to pasta, pizza, vegetables, and even meat. In June 2023, Italian Herb became available online in a newly branded sleek shaker bottle. The new packaging stands out on shelf with colorful botanical elements, featuring cashew nuts, apples, leaves, and flowers.


Farmer Foodie values the triple bottom line: planet, product, people, and puts sustainability and consumer memorability at the forefront of all business decisions. Our membership to 1% for the planet contributes to our commitment to sustainability.

Consumers who incorporate our Cashew Parm into their diet positively impact the health of our planet by lowering their climate footprint. Our products are made for foodies who seek tasty and convenient ways to incorporate the cheesy flavors they crave into their favorite dishes. With every Cashew Parm purchase, we’re fostering a climate conscious community. Whether you’re an herbivore or a carnivore, our versatile Parm always hits the spot. 

We are passionate about sourcing high quality and organic ingredients. Our products are made with Fairtrade organic cashews that outcompete on flavor and enhance the creaminess of our products. Cashew trees are drought tolerant, create shade coverage, and sequester more carbon dioxide than they emit, making the trees carbon negative. Therefore, our cashews are carbon negative when harvested.